addendum 1: facing reality

A lot of people have asked me why I am an atheist.  The short answer is that I got tired of being lied to.  For a long time, I was obedient to the demand that I keep an open mind until I realized it was another way to say “sit down, shut up, and entertain misogynist bullshit.”  Entertaining the “deeply held personal beliefs” of those that think that my suffering and oppression is divinely sanctioned is the last thing I should be doing.  Plus, beliefs are beliefs because there is no evidence they are based in reality, and we all know that saying something exists without proof is a lie.  A lie is nothing if not the denial of reality and a theft of someone else’s time and energy.  You are literally stealing someone else’s life when you lie and insist others allow themselves to be lied to.  They will never get that time back, and that time could be spent doing anything but listening to bullshit.  Lies and denial of reality (including denials of being an abuser) are also how abusers keep getting away with their behavior.  Is it any wonder that religious institutions harbor and enable the absolute worst of society – pedophiles, homophobes, rapists, wife beaters, genocidal tyrants, misogynists, racists and slave owners just to name a few.

I was going to write a Matrix-like post comparing the Patriarchy to virtual reality, but I think it’s too obvious.  I don’t think it takes radical analysis to see that American society is saturated in fiction beliefs lies just as much as it is misogyny.  It seems that everyone has their own little pocket of alt-reality they can escape to, if they can afford it of course.  Not all of us can afford five hundred television channels, retail priced books or have the luxury of going to the movies.  We even have a President who thinks that simply saying something makes it true, no matter what the evidence says otherwise.  That’s some hardcore gaslighting and magical thinking if I ever saw it.  Magical thinking isn’t harmless, though, it denies the existence of boundaries.  Accepting boundaries is a part of maturing as an adult and it’s what’s supposed to keep us from harming one another and/or using more resources than we need to survive.  One look at how people treat one another and the planet says a lot about how people don’t respect boundaries.

I could do lengthy and detailed analysis of all the social constructs male constructs lies that imprison people’s minds, and once upon a time I did just that.  However pointing out the lies seems to bring more attention to them as opposed to talking about the problem of denying reality.  Plus, misogynists love to argue in favor of their lies, thus wasting/stealing more of your life which eventually adds up in aggregate.  So, I titled this addendum “facing reality” because I’m naming the problem and also the reason I have no faith in anyone or anything anymore – people are liars and turn violent when confronted with reality and the truth.  What else do you call people who believe in things that don’t exist lie and then turn around and act murderously angry when confronted with objective evidence that’s independently verifiable?  It is an exercise in futility and self-loathing to willingly spend your time on people who clearly don’t deserve it, are incapable of even the tiniest amount of empathy or accepting reality, and would only reward you with sadistic abuse for taking the time to bother with them in the first place.

A lot of people think lies are something that don’t really hurt anyone unless in certain circumstances like cheating or crime.  Lies can be deadly, though.  Misogynists make excuses for pornography and other caricatures of women as “just fantasy.”  Then they turn around and demand all women become their fantasy.  They demand women look like and perform like porn stars and adopt the mannerisms of programmable robots to cater to their needs.  Misogynists, if they aren’t actually killing women, go out of their way to kill women’s individual potential by demanding women conform to the lies told about them.  History also shows us that elaborate fantasies and fictions about women lead to atrocities like the Witch Hunts.

It’s not just misogyny, though, is it?  All forms of oppression depend on fiction (lies) and storytelling (defamation) to exist and perpetuate itself, as one must be arrogant (or sociopathic) enough to re-write reality itself to justify conclusions that inevitably lead to human rights abuses.  This especially applies in today’s political climate where conspiracy theories are favored over facts, where establishment journalists are now being threatened with execution if they tell the truth.  People disengage from actual reality in favor of scripted and edited version of “reality” starring YouTube social engineers liars and celebrity personalities on television.

It’s one thing to deal with escapist-type people who find the world so unbearable they’d rather immerse themselves in fiction all day.  Ignorance can be overlooked if someone is at least willing to consider and think about the evidence you present to them.  It’s another to deal with people who are willfully obtuse and flat out deny facts.  These are also the people who lie, who accept lies, and/or perpetuate the lies they are told.  These are the kind of people that help brainwash other people into eventually believing what is not true – the same kind of people who (deliberately or not) cause atrocities like the Holocaust.

Have I mentioned that there is no end to the lies?  That people just keep creating them, and they do it willingly and for free because they are sadists who get off on human suffering.  I would probably still be blogging about the lies if I didn’t eventually realize that there’s no end to the supply of hateful rhetoric against women.  None whatsoever.  If one angle has been successfully argued against or used to the point of boredom, they just create a new one and demand women shut up and put up with the abuse all over again.  Endless and neverending analysis of misogyny doesn’t make the misogyny stop, either.  In 22,000 years, nobody has ever found successful way to stop the hemorrhage of female suffering at the hands of violent misogynists – except the Nordic countries and there’s no saying how long that will last.

So, in knowing all of this and accepting reality including the reality of what people are and what they do to women on a regular basis – if you truly reject misogyny, you would reject most people on principle.  You definitely wouldn’t allow misogynists in your personal space, whether it’s your home, blog, or social life.  I, for one, do not talk to people anymore.  It is very seldom I take time out of my busy life to say something to someone anymore, and if I do I must have a good reason for doing so.  I do not listen to people anymore or believe much (if any) of what anyone says anymore with very few exceptions.  My mind is already set against most people before they even begin, because I know all they’re going to do is lie to me, steal my life, and vampirically feed off of my pain and suffering.  Anyone with an ounce of mental health wouldn’t willingly put themselves through that.

This demand that women put their faith into other people, and see good where there obviously isn’t any socializes women to keep serving the needs of others and go out of her way to prove her existence means something.  This is a self-loathing and terrible way to waste one’s life, but that’s what misogyny does – it makes everyday life damn near impossible to bear, and misogynists know this which is why they continue to perpetrate it.  They want women to suffer because they feed off of it.

There are people who cannot imagine rejecting the human species or living a solitary life.  I would flip the argument and say that there is nothing natural about living on a planet full of people who think an imaginary sky god created them instead of acknowledging their mothers as their creators.  There is nothing natural about being forced to socialize with people who hate you, or feeling forced to behave in ways that supplicate to abusers.  There is nothing natural about having your life stolen from you.  There is nothing natural about how sexism has made it impossible to enjoy the company of others because misogyny is so normalized that people get high off of your suffering and pain.

To say I am disgusted with this world and the people in it is the understatement of the century.  I’ve said it before and I say it again – if there are other sentient life forms, I sincerely hope they are smart enough to never clone us.  It will be the worst thing that will ever happen to them.

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