About me:  I’m an American, a grumpy misanthropist, and an ethnic minority woman living in poverty.

Contact Information:  I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, MySpace, LJ, Pintrest, or Instagram.  It would be pointless, since I’m an unrepentant hermit.

Why “No More Paper Towels”?  Thanks to decades of repetitious paper towel commercials; the unassuming disposable paper towel has become an ubiquitous symbol of female gender conformity.  Since I could remember, paper towel commercials have almost always depicted women cleaning up the messes of boys and men; with a smile, as though the sole reason for our existence is to mop up after them.  Although paper towel commercials have changed slightly over the years, their basic format has remained the same:

So, this blog has been named No More Paper Towels as a figurative rejection to the conventional notion that women exist for the sole purpose of cleaning up after men’s messes.  I also reject political activism on the grounds that women’s compassion, time, and energy are taken advantage of and there is no evidence to suggest that it is helping women gain full participation in society including political representation.  As history shows us time and time again, women take the blame for everything men in power do with none of the recognition or credit when we fight for what is right.

So, no more cleaning up the mess of the Patriarchy.  No more trying to dismantle what men are only going to rebuild in another form.  No more damage control.  No more participating in social campaigns only to be left with the broom to sweep up the mess caused by the fallout between men.  No more paper towels.